(An Experimental Film)

Role: Director and Editer

An experimental film and a slice of life through the eyes of a girl who sees a world of unrequited love a little bit differently.
INDIEGOGIRL'S GUIDE TO: The Dreamy Camera Cafe// 꿈꾸는사진기 The Dreamy Camera cafe was built by Park Sung-Hwan and his wife Kwak Myung-Lee in a county called Yangpyeong, which is about 40 miles outside of Seoul (64 kilometres). It's design is based on a Rolleflex Twin Camera and I explored to see it for the second time!
Come into my home, get ready with me for my day while I tell you about the worst year of my life (and how I found happiness from it) TRIGGER WARNING: I speak about my grandfather's death, an emotionally manipulative relationship, a car accident, a mugging which all happened in the year 2013.